A guide to Sex Education Fashion

Hello Mafters, we’ve entered the fall season, a dearamong us where we cozy up inside with our favorite tv shows and comfy sweaters.

We at Maft magazine can all agree on a show that captured our hearts and made us envy their style.

It is none other Sex Education who’s just returned in September with a new season that made us laugh, cry and empower all at once with the many lessons it portrayed.

Being a teenager is tough, Sex Education seems to say, but it’s way better when you can dress on your own terms especially when Fashion is always repeating itself as it sometimes seems like everything is back, all at once with the ever-changing trend scale.

On social media, and particularly among Gen Z, 1990s simplicity and early 2000s excess bleed into 1960s-1970s and 1980s, of course, all filtered through a distinctive 2021 lens.

The show is a gift that keeps on giving and even showering us with killer 80’s vibe looks from our favorite characters that capture the styles and struggles of Teens with identity expression.

Costume designer Rosa Dias describes the style of the characters as timeless and nonspecific making the world of Sex Education feel both familiar and strange, which sums up the experience of being a teenager as chaotic.

To learn about the modern ’80s looks of these powerful characters, keep reading for our Sex Education fashion guide.

Let’s start with the badass women of the show who empowered us in so many episodes.


The fan-favorite badass Maeve is known for being the intelligent and tough feminist of the bunch but with a heart of gold. Her rebellious personality certainly comes out in her style, she is portrayed by her edgy, grunge outfits that perfectly capture everything she’s been through in her troubled past.

Signature color: Black. Essential items: Leather jacket, combat boots, and fishnets.

For you to nail the outfit, start with a flannel shirt or a printed button-up top, and then add high-waisted shorts along with the essentials above. And voila! you get the perfect cross between ’80s grunge and modern-day streetwear while channeling Maeve’s confidence.


She is the eclectic fashionista of the show with her klutzy eccentric personality and optimism that spreads joy into the world through her everyday clothes.

She is often seen wearing quirky, ’70s-inspired outfits to match her bright personality. While experimenting with different textures, vibrant colors, and eye-catching patterns and prints. She carries herself in a fun casual way while adding a unique glow to her style with bold accessories.

To channel Aimee’s look all you have to do is look for bright colored or floral tops to add to denim skirts and then accessorize with some cute necklaces and maybe sandals or flats.


She is quirky, bubbly with a sweet on the outside yet tough appearance on the inside. She is unique, outspoken with zero judgment, and can almost always see the good in the bad.

She is distinguishable by her unique style and the way she carries her queer identity with pride. Bold rainbow stripes are an essential thing in her style as she’s often seen wearing mom jeans and 80s inspired denim overalls along with colorful sweaters and socks to watch.


She is probably the most unique character of the show as she is characterized by her obsession with aliens and her blunt honest personality and writing skills. She is outspoken and not afraid of blurting out hurtful truths.

She is always wearing pastel colors and crazy prints which gives her an aesthetic look and matches her childlike almost innocent personality (if you forget that she writes alien erotica). Essentials: Pastel colors, coat sweaters, and turtlenecks with retro jeans. And to add an edge to the outfit with colorful hair clips and hairstyles.


To hide her tough and challenging life at home, Queen bee Ruby hides her vulnerability behind another character of a maximalist pop princess look.

Her sassy and blunt personality can be seen in bold choices of clothing with outfits that deem inspired from pup cult movies like Clueless and Legally Blonde to give a trendy vibe to the outfits.

Her go-to items are denim jackets, corsets and mini bags. We can also find her rocking vibrant colors and different materials of lace and ruffles.

And now on to the men of the show who gave us the feels


The scene-stealer and the hilariously lovable Eric travel the halls of the school and its daily challenges with pride and colors. Through the 3 seasons presented, we have seen Eric blossom from an innocent young Nigerian-Ghanaian gay man to a confident, loud and proud young man.

He is fearless in picking outfits that best express his personality, culture, and sexuality.

We see his character’s evolution through his ever-glowing wardrobe that consists of a closet full of colors, mashed patterns, and textures, often paired with dazzling make-up looks that makes him the show’s fashion icon.


Our young therapist-to-be appears as awkward and confused as all teenagers are but with a sweet and innocent wise soul who can’t seem to stop helping his peers and guiding them.

His style is reminiscent of the 60s and this fits perfectly with Otis’ character as he is inexperienced and behind his teens in most moments like the fashion department.

He is often seen in episodes sporting tonal sweats, puffer with a muted color palette while dabbling with pastel colors from time to time and some pattern mashes that highlight his character’s evolution with each passing season deserving him a pat from us on the effort.


The classic immature, impulsive school bully that we learned to love through the unraveling of his sensitive and confused side.

Through the seasons, we saw Adam struggling with self-worth and expressing feelings, anger issues, and learning about his sexuality as shown in his clothing choices where he isn’t afraid of layering.

Adam’s signature look to try out is a combination of a black or white crew neck shirt or hoodie, washed-out brown leather jacket, light color jean pants, and a ğair of white sneakers. To complete the outfit don’t forget the necklace he wears all the time.

So there you have it, dear Maft readers, our guide into perfecting the style of our favorite empowering women and men of Sex Education. Don’t forget to take the quiz below to find out which character you resemble!

Article was written for Maftmag.com

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